Best Gifts for Summer Gatherings

It’s finally summer. With beach trips and invitations for BBQ’s streaming in, you might be trying to get creative with what you can bring as a gift for your host. Want some different ideas? Here are some items that are often overlooked.


A Bluetooth Speaker

How many times have you been to a function without any sort of speaker? Don’t resort to putting a phone or MP3 player into a cup!


Bottle Opener

Whether you prefer one in the shape of a flip-flop, or one that just gets the job done, this is a must-have for any summer house.


A Plant

A seasonal plant, or one that matches their home’s theme, is a great gift idea. An outdoor plant is also an option during the summer!



Let your host make a unique mark when thanking others for their gifts. An embroidered card adds an element of sophistication to thank you’s for summer BBQ’s and visits.


A Tote Bag

Perfect for weekends at the beach. After all, you wouldn’t want someone to forget the sunscreen, would you?


A Tumbler

Perfect for bringing a refreshing glass of lemonade or ice cold water wherever their travels take them.


A Favorite Blend of Coffee

This could be a great accompaniment for the next time they see a friend or family member. Find out what type of coffee maker they have before committing to this gift.


A Portable Phone Charger

Keep any devices charged no matter where summer travels take your host. It’s also good to have should severe weather strike.


A Bristle-Free Grill Brush

Some are concerned about grill brushes with bristles because they can fall into the grill and get into food. This can be a great gift to use all summer long.


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