Why Everyday Should Be Bring Your Pet to Work Day

Many offices have bring your kid to work day, but how about your pets? Sometimes, people consider their pets as their own children. Approximately 20 percent of Americans work in pet-friendly offices, and 23 percent believe pets should be allowed at work. Here are a few reasons why the only barking in your office shouldn’t come from higher ups.


Better Focus

Surprisingly, pets in the office can lead to higher productivity. A study from Virginia Commonwealth University reports that nearly half of employees surveyed said that having pets in the office increased their productivity. Employees who are allowed to bring their pet to the office tend to use fewer sick days and stay at work later since they don’t have to rush home to feed a pet.


Lower Stress and Better Overall Health

Having pets in the office can help lower everyone’s stress levels. Pets require their owners to take a break from their work to get exercise. The CDC reports that pet owners overall have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and also tend to get more exercise than non-pet owners.


Better Bonds With Co-Workers

Your office probably has a need for collaboration. People in the office can get to know each other better through a common bond such as a pet. If you have a question for a specific co-worker, you can also make that your time to visit his or her pet.

If you are thinking about making your office pet-friendly, there are a few things you will need to consider. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a “pet policy.”


Create Pet Free Zones

While some people might love the idea of having Fido at the office, other employees may not want pets because of allergies or other reasons. Keep these folks in mind when deciding whether or not you will allow pets in your workplace. If you say yes to pets, make sure you have a gate so pets know where they can go and cannot go.


Ensure That Your Pet Plays Nice

Before you bring your cat or dog to the office, ensure that he or she is good when socializing with other pets and people. An aggressive animal in the office can lower productivity rates of everyone in the office. If you plan on having multiple pets within your office, take yours to a friend’s house or to a local park. If you find that your dog only plays nice with certain breeds, or you find that your cat does not get along with other cats, this will help you make a better decision of whether or not you should bring him or her.


Ensure Your Pet is Healthy

Before introducing your pet to the office, ensure that it is up to date on all vaccinations and does not have fleas or mites. A pet that’s not up to date on medications and vaccinations can be at higher risk of catching germs or fleas from the office, and the last thing your cat or dog (including yourself) wants is another trip to the vet. If your pet is ill, leave him or her at home so that way it does not spread its germs to other pets that might “work” in your office.


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