Should Your Office Dress Down?

For some offices, everyday is casual Friday. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), approximately 36 percent of American workers are allowed to dress casually multiple times a week. Just recently, J.P. Morgan announced that their bankers can now wear golf shirts and khakis, and even jeans in some departments. Obviously, dressing down depends on a few factors, like whether or not customers visit your business. Below are some of the pros and cons to consider.


Pro: Your Employees Can Save Money on Dry Cleaning

No more suits going to the dry cleaners with dry cleaning expense. Casual attire at the office will allow for your employees to reduce the amount they spend on laundry each week. Casual attire will only require an iron plus a regular wash and dry cycle.


Pro: High Employee Satisfaction

Offices with more relaxed dress codes tend to have employees who are more satisfied at their current job. Those who are searching for jobs also tend to see casual attire in the workplace as a benefit. Allowing employees to dress down will also allow them to dress accordingly for hot or cold weather, which could lead to better physical comfort within the work place.


Pro: A More Friendly and Relatable Impression

For industries where creativity is valued, this is a good reason why to go casual. Companies with casual dress codes might be seen as more relatable to their customers, and can provide a friendly appearance.


Con: Lowered Perceptions

In certain industries, such as banking and legal, casual dress codes may limit trust between a client and your employee. This may give your company a less professional appearance, and some might feel that they cannot take your business seriously.


Con: Confusing Dress Codes

Some employees may get confused on what is appropriate work attire, and what is not. A few of your employees might talk about not being sure of what to wear to work. Before implementing a more casual dress code, talk with your HR team to create a clear-cut dress code.


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