The Best Places to Find Handmade Gifts

Sometimes, the best gifts someone can receive are made by hand. While you may love to create something for a friend or family member, you may not have the time to make your very own handmade gift or may not have a craft fair in your area soon. According to, the demand for gifting handmade items has increased significantly over the past couple of years. Here are a few online stores you should check out if you’re looking to gift something homemade.


This is often the first stop for someone looking for customized crafts, jewelry, and other accessories. Etsy carries everything from accessories for weddings to soaps and party décor for your home. Where Etsy really stands out is its extensive collection of shops from the entire world. You can also search for exactly the items you’re looking for and be directed to a store near you, with Etsy providing protection for every transaction.


This site features unique products that might be tough to find browsing through craft markets. Zibbet features individual sellers that only produce handmade products. The site’s handmade category includes various things, including knit caps, pillowcases, home décor, dresses, and more.


ArtFire connects buyers directly with the seller of their products. This site is especially great for smaller home décor items, such as coat hooks and beverage glasses, in addition to jewelry.


Spoonflower caters to more of a niche audience than the previous sites mentioned, as they offer mostly stationery items. These include quilts, gift wrap, fabric, napkins, and wallpaper. You can also shop for items based on design, color, or fabric type.

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