Why Does a Clean Desk Lead to Better Productivity?

According to a study done by the Harvard Business Review, a neat desk can lead to five additional minutes of productive work every day. You might have more pressing things on your plate right now than cleaning your desk, but it can do wonders for work. Here are some of the reasons why you’re more productive with a clean and organized workspace.

Better Focus

The same Harvard Business Review study believes that those with a clean workspace have better concentration. This leads to better results and better prioritization of tasks.

Less Wasted Time

Has your desk ever been so unorganized that you’ve spent at least 20 minutes looking for a file? That’s the average amount of time it might take you to complete a smaller task. Having a cleaner desk will allow you to focus more on your task, and require less worrying about finding misplaced items.

Reduced Stress

According to research from Princeton Neuroscience Institute, focusing on too many things at once can limit your thoughts. This means that if your desk is cluttered, you may have trouble focusing on other tasks, which can lower your stress tolerance.

Save Money

According to a study from the International Data Corporation (IDC), employees spend approximately 2.5 hours of their day searching for information. This can cost a 1,000-person organization $2.5 million a year. Having an organization system in place for your entire company can help save money and let employees know exactly where important files should be placed.

Productivity Pointer: Don’t be afraid to go all-digital in your office to reduce clutter. A cloud storage solution can also provide employees access to work files anywhere with an Internet connection.

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