Giving the Best Gifts for Weddings

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine appropriate wedding gift ideas. The gift you give will depend on your relationship to the couple or the location of the wedding. Stumped for a good idea? Below are a few suggestions for the newlyweds.

Immediate Family

If your son or daughter is getting married, consider giving them something for their honeymoon. Possible ideas are a nice set of luggage for their getaway, or perhaps helping to pay for the honeymoon.  Either way your contribution can be something they will never forget.

For siblings, cash is the most common gift. Most siblings will usually give anywhere from $150 to $250. If you want to get creative and you have other siblings, you can work together to come up with the airfare for the honeymoon or another pricier gift. If it’s a destination wedding, you can chip in towards their wedding. It’s also nice to give a sibling a gift that’s personalized.

Extended Family

For extended family members, you can consider something that’s not on the wedding registry. If a couple is moving into a new home, consider artwork or other home decor. Comfortable blankets, bathrobes, and other things for a home are great alternatives to cash or items listed on the registry.


In this instance, it can be a good idea to get something that can be personalized for the couple. One good gift idea could be to get caricatures of the couple or something engraved like a bottle opener. You could also get them something that reflects the relationship between you and your friends, such as creating a photo album filled with memories.


When in doubt, stick with the registry. If you’re looking to gift a big-ticket item, see if others in your office want to pitch in. If you’re really unsure of what to get, consider a cash gift card that can be used anywhere.

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