6 Small Changes for Healthier Living

Healthy habits can start with small changes. While many people wait until the New Year to make changes to their routine, it’s never too late to start making changes for a healthier lifestyle. Stumped on where to start? Here are six things you can start doing now.

1) Drink More Water

Ensure that you are drinking enough water every day. According to a study from WebMD, water can help improve your metabolism, improve your skin, improve kidney health, and regulate your bowel functions. If you get sick of drinking tap water, consider trying carbonated brands or adding fruit to create different flavors or texture.

2) Unplug for At Least One Hour Every Day

Want to relieve stress after a long day? Try spending at least one hour away from any devices and spend time with others you live with or make a group meal. According to the blog Becoming Minimalist, powering down can help prevent feelings of jealousy, envy, and loneliness. Try to put down your phone and live in the moment every once in awhile!

3) Stretch Every Morning

Are you stiff and achy when you wake up? Take five or ten minutes in the morning to stretch your arms and legs. This can help improve your flexibility and help prevent injuries from overexertion.

4) Listen to Your Favorite Song

There are probably one or two songs that can turn any frown upside down. If you find yourself feeling upset or frustrated, try turning on your favorite song to help cheer you up.

5) Eliminate Foods High in Sugar

Try to avoid foods like ice cream, cookies, cheesecake, and milk chocolate. Eating foods with high sugar content can lead to blood sugar imbalances, which could potentially lead to diabetes.

6) Spend Time Outdoors

Whether it’s walking a pet before work or taking your lunch break outdoors, try to spend at least one day a week doing something outside. This will ensure that you get enough Vitamin D and will also allow you to de-stress.

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