Are Sit-Stand Workstations the Future?

By now, you’ve probably heard at least one study that talks about how sitting at work is harming your health. Office furniture manufacturers have seen demands from their customers for furniture that allows employees to work efficiently while caring for their health. Sit-stand workstations, also known as height-adjustable tables, allow for users to easily adjust the height of their desk through either a manual lever or an automatic push button, depending on whether they would like to sit or stand. Here are some reasons why you might see them more in the future.

You Can Burn Calories While Working

According to Authority Nutrition, standing while working can burn 170 calories every day. That’s the equivalent amount of calories that can be found in a quarter cup of pistachios. Don’t feel guilty about that mid-afternoon snack anymore!

Reduced Neck & Back Pain

If you sit behind your computer all day, you might be familiar with neck and back pain. Standing workstations put less pressure on your neck and back because you do not usually slouch while standing. This can also help improve your posture and prevent scoliosis from developing.

Higher Productivity Levels

While you might think that standing at your desk will make you tired, research proves the opposite. The Chicago Tribune reports that call center employees using standing workstations were 46 percent more productive than those using standard desks. The Tribune also looked at high schools where the installation of standing desks lead to a 10 percent cognitive improvement.

Better Approachability

When you are standing up, others will see you as approachable. Sit-stand workstations can allow you to become more collaborative with your efforts. If someone prefers to be seated, they can simply use your stool while you discuss the matter at hand.

Should you decide to get a sit-stand workstation, ensure that you get the proper accessories for it too, including standing anti-fatigue mats.

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