Be Productive the Last Half Hour of Work

You’re approaching quitting time, and you’re getting ready to leave. While you might be tempted to check your social media accounts and take personal calls, you can actually set yourself up to be better organized for the next workday and beyond. Below are a few ways you can conquer the last half hour in the office.

Read Relevant Industry News

Depending on the type of work you do, you may find important updates through industry publications and local newspapers. Consider taking about 15 minutes to catch up on any news that can help improve the way you do your job. A crucial update might be included there that you’ll have to address in the near future.

Schedule Your Follow-Ups

See who you need to follow up with on actionable items. Figure out what time you will send them for the best results. This is also a good time to check the drafts folder in your email to see if you forgot to respond to anything.

Plan Your Next Day’s Tasks

Just a little preparation the day before can help you get right to work when you return to the office the next day. Order things so that your most daunting tasks can be done first thing in the morning when your stamina and energy levels are at their highest.

Check Your Email One Last Time

According to a study by Fast Company, almost half of all email responses are sent within a two-hour timeframe. Before leaving, check your email one last time to ensure that you’ve addressed any important communications that came through.

On Fridays, Double-Check Your Schedule

While you may be ready to head out for the weekend, double-check your schedule for the next week to make sure there are no conflicts. If there are, figure out which event is a higher priority and politely ask those involved in the other meeting if there is a better time to meet.

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