Great Gifts for Sports Fans

October is a big month for sports fans. The baseball season gets ready to conclude with the World Series, and the football season is in full swing. October is also when the NBA basketball season begins, so this month is a big deal for people who enjoy watching sports. If you have friends who are big sports fans, surprise them this month by getting them one of these great sports-themed gifts.

Game Tickets

Game tickets are among the best gifts you can give to someone who loves watching sports. Many people enjoy watching games on television, but there is no experience like being able to watch your favorite team play in-person. If you know what your friend’s favorite team is, go to that team’s official website and see if you can pick up some tickets for one of the upcoming games.

Shop for tickets as soon as you can, because tickets for highly anticipated games may sell out quickly.

Shirts & Jerseys

While sports fans like most of the players on their favorite teams, there is usually one player they like more than the others. If you know who your friend’s favorite player is you should consider purchasing a shirt or jersey that include the player’s name and number. If your friend has the chance to go to one of the team’s games, he or she can wear this jersey to support the player in-person.

If you are looking to give something more personal, some websites allow you to put a custom number and name on these shirts. Try using this feature to put your friend’s name on an officially branded shirt or jersey.

Team-Branded Gear

If you want to surprise your sports-loving friend with a nice gift, you can get some gear for his or her favorite team. Most stores sell officially licensed products that are adorned with a wide range of team logos. These products include hats, shoes, phone cases, watches, jewelry, and more.

Head to the official stores for each sports league to find products that your friend will love.

Stadium Blueprints

The stadiums that athletes play in are major pieces of architecture that play a big role in the history of each sport. To celebrate the history of these large stadiums, many stores sell stadium blueprints. For people who enjoy learning about the history of their favorite sport, some of these blueprints feature facts relating to the construction of the stadiums.

If you know someone who likes the history behind a particular sport, you should try to find a blueprint of the stadium used by his or her favorite team.

Licensed Sports Video Game

If your friend enjoys both video games and sports, you can consider buying a sports video game to give as a gift. These games release yearly, and each iteration features roster updates so they can showcase the most popular players for each sport. You and your friend can play these games together, so you can also benefit from giving one as a gift.

For recommendations, you can get Madden NFL for football fans, MLB: The Show for baseball fans, and NBA 2K for basketball fans.

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