Phone Apps That Make You More Productive

Ever have trouble staying productive when you have to get a lot of work done? Most people want to be productive at work, but simply don’t have the tools needed to keep everything organized. If you have a smartphone, you can download these apps to help you be more productive during work hours.


Developed by the Evernote Corporation, the Evernote app is available on all major mobile devices and computers, including Apple, Microsoft, Android, and Blackberry devices. You can use this app to take notes, create lists, and scan documents, so you can organize them on your phone. All of your data is synced between your devices, so anything you save on your phone can be used on your computer or laptop.

The app is free to use with some data use limits, but you can also use a paid plan to get more space right from the start.


Slack is a tool you and your coworkers can use to quickly communicate and collaborate on different projects. The primary feature of this app is the ability to create organized conversations that you can join and drop from at any time. You can divide communication channels by client, project, or team, allowing you to quickly contact a specific person without having to send an email.

Video-calling features are also available if you need to directly speak to someone who is not in the office. This app is available for most mobile devices and computers, and you can try it for free for an unlimited time. If you feel that you would benefit from using the app, you can sign up for any of the available plans to get more features.


Having trouble keeping track of progress for a specific project? You can use the Asana app to track projects and keep an eye on the progress your team is making. With this software, you can create a timeline to keep track of project deadlines, develop a visual plan for everyone, and communicate with your coworkers.

You can even use the app to assign specific tasks to your teammates, so they know exactly what needs to be done. By using this app, no one should ever have problems figuring out what tasks need to be completed. If you want to try Asana, a basic version is available for free on most major devices.


Looking for an easy way to schedule meetings at work? Doodle is a calendar app that you can use to quickly and efficiently to coordinate meetings. This was originally a desktop tool, but mobile versions were released in 2014 to widespread acclaim.

With this app, you can send invitations to people you want to meet with. After you invite everyone, your coworkers can propose meeting times and vote on the one that works best for everyone. The app is also connected to your phone’s calendar, so you can go there and immediately check on the status of the meeting.

Doodle is completely free to use, but if you want some additional features a premium plan is available.


One other app you can use to bolster productivity at the workplace is Podio. This cloud-based service allows you to create pages for any projects your company is currently working on. You can use these pages to keep track of your work and let your coworkers know where each project stands.

The app is also compatible with a majority of file-sharing services, so you can upload any documents from Google Drive or Dropbox to share with your coworkers. While it’s primarily used on computers, mobile versions are also available on iPhone and Android devices.

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