Need a Break? How to Ask for Time Off

Working a full-time job can be tiring, and there will be times when you feel burned out. It’s important to take time off from work once in a while, so you can relax and refresh. Even if you are able to set aside some vacation time, some workers are unsure of how to discuss this with their boss. Take the following steps, and you should be granted some time off.

Check Company Vacation Guidelines

Before you attempt to ask your boss for time off, the first thing to do is check your company’s vacation policy. You should do this, so you know how much vacation time you earn throughout the year. Keep in mind that you may want to take days off later in the year, so don’t use all of your vacation time all at once.

Some employers offer vacation time based on how many hours you’ve worked over the course of the year. Regardless, it’s important to know your company’s policy on taking days off so you can speak with your boss with the proper knowledge. Without this knowledge, you could make a mistake and cost yourself some well-needed time off.

Ask Your Boss at a Good Time

When you are asking your boss for time off, try to ask at the right time. If your boss is in a bad mood, you shouldn’t ask at that moment. The boss may not be willing to give time off if he or she is dealing with some other important issues at that moment. Wait until your boss seems relaxed and happy before you ask for vacation time.

It might also not be good to ask for time off during a busy period when everyone is expected to work extra hours. Once the workload has slowed down, it should be a better time for you to ask for time off. As a side note, contributing a substantial amount of work during busy periods can give you leverage for taking vacation time.

Ask in Person & Don’t Demand

If you want time off, consider asking  your boss in person. Vacation time is important to some executives, and they may not like it if you surprise them in an email. Ask your boss to sit down for a few minutes, so you can discuss this topic.

Also, it’s important that you do not demand a break from your boss. If you are too harsh with your request, there is a good chance your boss will turn you down. If you plan to go away, don’t book your trip until you are absolutely sure you can take the time off.

Ask as early as you can to prevent this from being an issue.

Don’t Get Upset If They Say No

There’s always a chance that your boss will decline your request for time off. As mentioned previously, if you are in a busy work period, your boss will probably need you around to help with the workload. If you are declined, it’s essential that you keep calm. If you put in a lot of hard work over the course of the year, your boss will give you time off at some point when it’s feasible.

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