Motivational Tips for Fledgling Writers

There’s nothing more satisfying than completing a story you’ve been writing for weeks. Writing takes a lot of time and motivation, and it can be very easy to lose the drive to finish when you run out of ideas. In fact, there are plenty of new writers who are primed for success but fail to finish even one story due to a lack of motivation.

If you are stuck trying to pen your next story or article, use these tips to pick yourself up.

Challenge Yourself with Prompts

One of the best tips for flexing your writing capabilities is to take on small writing prompts before you tackle bigger projects. Creative blocks are inevitable for writers, and when they occur it can be difficult to find the motivation to get back to work. Writing prompts to challenge you to write about different topics, and this can be extremely helpful for developing fresh perspectives.

Take a look at your surroundings, and write down everything that you see in descriptive detail. Describe a fun activity you did today, and write down how the activity made you feel when you are finished. The more you write, the more comfortable you will become, and creative ideas will naturally flow.

Don’t Edit as You Write

Many new writers fall into the habit of editing their work as they write. This is detrimental because reviewing mistakes can be demotivating. Making mistakes and grammatical errors is a natural part of the writing process, but checking all of them as you write can make you self-conscious.

Also, stopping to check your work every two minutes can take you out of your creative groove. Focus on getting a first draft completed, and save your edits until afterward. It will be much easier for you to prove your work once you have a complete version to review.

Remove Distractions

In the age of smartphones, it’s very easy to get distracted from your work. It can be very tempting to check social media or text a friend, and any of these distractions will disrupt your train of thought. Unless you are expecting an important call, turn off your phone while you write so you aren’t tempted to check it constantly. If you remember only one of these tips, this one might be the most important.

If you are writing on a computer, keep your web browser shut down so you aren’t tempted to check emails or visit other websites. Consider putting a sign on your door so no one will disturb you as you write.

Don’t Be Afraid to Rest

Sometimes the best thing you can do when you are creatively exhausted is to take a break. Writers commonly try to fight through creative blocks since they just want to finish. Taking time to recuperate is always a smart thing to do as creative blocks may be a sign that your brain needs a rest.

Take a couple of days to rest. Maybe go out to dinner with your friends. Or spend time with family and ask them about topics that personally interest them. You could also go to the theater to watch a movie or, you can go to the library and read a book you’ve always wanted to check out.

Spending time away from your story will give you the chance to recuperate when you are at a loss for what to write. In addition, following all of these tips will expose you to new ideas that might give you the creative jumpstart you need.


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