Introductions from the Peep-In-Chief, Opie

Hey everybody!  I’m Opie, your friendly local office supply specialist!  You might recognize my face from the Office Peeps vehicles or the invoices. I hate to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty famous around here.  What you might not know is that I’m not just a handsome face, and I decided it’s time to share my wisdom and knowledge with the world.

Let’s get Started!

So welcome to my blog, Peep Squeaks. I chose the name Peep Squeaks because it sounds a bit like pip squeaks. We might be a small company, a ‘pip squeak’ compared to those big box stores, but we’ve got it where it counts.  You can see the difference in our experience, knowledge and our customer care.  We know that, sometimes, it can be hard to explain something over the phone when you just need to see it.  Maybe you need to find a new way to organize your desk to be more productive.  Perhaps you haven’t found the best pen for you yet. We’ll cover these topics and more with this blog.

What You’ll Find

Together with the help of some of my top-notch Peeps employees, I am going to offer how-to guides, references, and even instructional videos.  Articles ranging from filing systems to introducing new products.  We will also have videos that help walk you through changing toners or adjusting your chair are just the beginning.  We want to create a little ‘reference library’ for office products for you to access.  Remember to keep an eye out for your favorite Peeps in videos, articles and photos throughout the blog.  I will add this small warning: in the planning process I’ve been coining the phrase “low quality filming, top notch advice!” for this project… So forgive our camera work, sadly none of us went to film school.

I’m looking forward to sharing this blog with you!  Make sure you are following us on Facebook and Twitter for notifications on when new blog posts hit the website. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for first looks at our monthly flyers, exclusive deals and maybe a few surprises!

How You Can Help

We want to provide content that is going to help our customers, and we want your opinions!  If you have any ideas on products we can feature, supply mysteries we can solve, or a step by step video we can make, please email Melissa at  She has our ongoing list of blog and video ideas and she’s excited to see what you are interested in!