Peeps Perks and More

All About Peeps Perks

Hey Peeps, Opie here!  On this round of Peep Squeaks, we’re going to talk about all the Peeps Perks that Office Peeps can provide that you might not know about!  Our name obviously points to ‘office’, and we like to use the phrase ‘whole office solution’; but what does that really mean???

Well, after polling our Customer Support team, there were some questions that our customers seemed to ask more frequently.  Many of them had to do with services we provide and types of products we can order. Let’s dive in and go over some of the hidden gems Office Peeps can provide your business! We like to call these Peeps Perks.


We make all sorts of custom stamps and many of them can be made in-house! Using a Brother stamp maker, several of our employees are trained to make stamps.  These are generally addressed stamps, notary stamps, and stamps without any logos or designs.  If you need to order signature stamps, specialized dater stamps, or custom stamps with logos, we have those available too through an outside stamp maker. You name it, we can probably order it on a stamp!

Think Outside The Cubicle

We don’t just sell office supplies like paper clips and sticky notes. In the pages of our catalog, you’ll see cleaning supplies, breakroom snacks, bathroom paper towels and toilet paper.  We can even order customized mats with logos on them.  As a member of ISG (Independent Stationers Group), we have access to a network of warehouses that allow us to bring in just about anything if it is related to ‘office’ even in the smallest way.  You can order everything you need to keep your office running smoothly from Office Peeps!

Machine Repair

Our service techs are crazy amazing with fixing machines of any kind.  They’ve even sometimes been known to make their own tools if they can’t find just the right thing to fix a problem. It’s always an adventure to wander through the Service Department, you never know what you are going to see, but it’s certainly always interesting!  It doesn’t matter if it is old typewriters, modern copiers, Keurig machines and even the odd Kitchen-aid mixer.  No machine can withstand the agile and steady hands of our techs.  Our techs are all well trained to handle the toughest of challenges, but with a combined 129 years of experience, you know they’re the best ones for the job!


Speaking of our Service department, did you know they also build computers and are able to fix many problems that occur with computer hardware, viruses, or even software not working correctly. If you need assistance with your computer, give Steven a call and let him help you out.  Golly, those service techs really are MVP’s at Office Peeps!


Did you know that we have a scrapbooking section in three of our four stores! (Madison currently does not have a scrapbooking section). Our President’s mother, Judy Vockrodt, recognized the importance of having quality scrapbooking supplies available to crafters. So, we offer a wide range of products such as paper, scrapbook binders, stickers and washi tape from specialty brands you won’t find at those big box shaped mega stores.  Also, if you are looking for a specialty paper or colored envelopes, we can place special orders. These Peeps Perks values are unbeatable.


Our staff is filled with experts! Need to know the differences between all the different pens we carry?  Why not check with Melissa; the word ‘obsession’ doesn’t cover her love of pens.  If you have a question about what might look best in your space, Katie in our furniture department has a degree in interior design!  And who you gonna call when your chair doesn’t fit right? Stan is your guy!  Do paper weights cause confusion and head scratching when determining what will work in your copier?  Rob has you covered.  We’ve even got a guy that we call “Zach of All Trades”, yep, we put it on his business card.

My point is, if you aren’t sure who to turn to with questions about anything in your office, why not start with us.  Chances are, we have an expert for that and if we don’t we will do the research and get an answer for you. That’s what you get with Peeps Perks.

It’s our goal to offer our customers the reassurance that Office Peeps has got their backs when it comes to major design renovations, work-screeching-to-a-halt copier issues, and even those small orders that you need tomorrow (or sometimes this afternoon)!  We work to keep you working.

Office Peeps is proud to support workers and businesses in South Dakota. We’re an office interior design and furniture consultancy. A company that provides, services, and maintains and even custom-builds office machines. A single source for workplace supplies, including janitorial and breakroom, school supplies, and scrapbooking supplies. We are located in various South Dakota cities including, Watertown, Brookings, Huron, and Madison. Call 800.658.3541 or like us on Facebook today.