The 12 Supplies of Christmas

Christmas Trees Greeting

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Welcome to December, Peeps!  The mad rush to Christmas has begun and now everyone is scrambling to finish shopping.  In my house, we still need to wrap presents, send out Christmas cards, mail presents to far away family members and do it all with the joy of Christmas in our hearts….  That sounds stressful, doesn’t it?

Well, this year, I have a secret weapon to keep me on track, organized, and well caffeinated: The 12 Supplies of Christmas list in our December flyer!


We have two tapes on our list… both are MAJOR necessities for Holiday prep.  First up is what our Territory Manager, Shawn Lenning, calls ‘Christmas Tape’.  You know the kind, a single roll of Scotch Magic Tape in a clear, convenient dispenser.  We’ve got them ready to go at $1.40 each.  Trust me, with all the wrapping presents that still needs to happen, I need about 20.

The other tape we have is our Duck Packing Tape, perfect for sealing those precious hand chosen gifts you are entrusting to the post man.  Or you could use it to seal up a huge box of glitter and send it to a friend….  Not that I would EVER do that!

Scissors & Sharpies

Why buy plain scissors when you can have hot pink and lace printed scissors!  Okay, those are the fun ones we chose to feature in the flyer, but really we sell just about any kind of scissors you need to get the job done.  From cutting open all the online shopping packages to cutting wrapping paper, you will definitely need a pair you can trust!

Permanent markers are a staple for any house or office, but they’re much more fun when they’re metallic silver.  Use these for marking gift tags, decorating ornaments or drawing spectacular eyebrows on your sleeping friends face!

Task Planners & Post-it Notes

We get it, you’re busy, especially during Christmas.  This handing planner will help you stay on task by organizing your thoughts and to-do lists together.  We bet you may even use it after planning Christmas and find yourself on the path to a fully organized life!

Does Jimmy have his Christmas concert on the 12th or the 21st and just how do you keep up with all the Secret Santa exchanges your family is a part of?!  Sticky notes.  Brightly colored sticky notes that scream “PAY ATTENTION!”  We’ve got you covered with these, and we can get them for you in just about any color of the rainbow.

Labels, Envelope Moistener & Mailers

Sending Christmas cards or newsletters requires you to have addresses, and it can be a headache writing them all out!  So why not make it easy on yourself and print your addresses on our fantastic Pres-a-ply labels.  You could even get fancy and add a little decoration to your labels, we won’t hold you back!

And after you put address those envelopes, do not lick them!  You’ll make yourself sick and then who is going to make the Christmas cookies?!  Use an envelope moistener instead and save yourself the tummy ache!

If you need to send something small that needs to still be protected bubble mailers are the perfect solution.  They come in several sizes and make shipping easy!

Label makers, Letter Slitters, and Coffee

Label makers are the best for a million reasons. For instance, my buddy Oscar (you might know him as our Service Know-It-All), likes to stick labels on things and ‘rename’ them…  the coffee maker in the Office Peeps break room became the “Liquid Life” machine the other day.  But there are plenty of real reasons to have one in your house or office.  Labeling files, organizing kitchen shelves, and keeping track of who gets each present purchased just gets a lot easier with one of these handy machines!

The second to last item on our list is letter slitters.  This is a must have item for all those Christmas cards you get in the mail, you popular person you!  Rather than getting paper cuts and tearing envelopes apart like the incredible Hulk, this handy little thing neatly slices open envelopes with little risk of injury.  They also come in a 3 pack!

The top item on our list is COFFEE!  The season shines a little brighter when I’ve got caffeine flowing through my system and I know I’m not the only one!  Whatever your flavor, roast or caffeine requirements are, we have a coffee for you!

Check out the rest of the flyer!

We have an epic flyer this month, and no, it’s not because it has my beautiful face on the front of it!  (well, I mean, I am a looker with my bow tie and all, but… erm…. sorry, back on track!)  This month we have many great gift ideas from a Ruby Red High Heel stapler to our best selling sit stand work station.

Check it out here.  Then once, you’ve finished off picking out those last minute gifts, give our customer support team a call to place an order.  We work to keep you in the Christmas spirit!

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