Love, Puns and Office Supplies!

Hey, Peeps, Opie here.  Love is in the air, and around here there is nothing we love more than office supplies.  So, to get you ready for Valentine’s Day later this week, here is a list of our favorite Office Supply Love Puns.  Woo your love with these great lines. ????


For Glue Sticks/Glue:

You are the glue that holds me together!

I’m stuck on you!



Let’s stay together

We’re in a staple relationship

You hold us together

Love Puns Let's Stay Together Post It Notes


You’ve got the write stuff!

Draw me close to you

When I write the Alphabet, I make sure U & I are together.



You are the highlight of my life!

You brighten my day

Love Puns highlighter pun


You Rule!

You rule my world


Label Maker:

Are we ready for a label?


Three-Ring Binder:

Lemme put a ring on it



Remind me to say “I Love You”

Love Puns Reminder Note


I think we’re stuck on each other

I’m stuck on you!

Love Puns Tap Note


Leaving you does not compute



Adding up our memories

You’re Gr-8!


Rubber Bands:

We’re bound to be together!


Permanent Marker:

You’ve left a mark on my heart!

We know there are lots more great puns that combine love and office supplies, but our imaginations only can go so far while we’re also working.  That multi-tasking thing is hard!  Because we want to hear ALL THE PUNS, share your cheesy office supply puns on our Facebook page. (*Keep it clean, folks, we’re a wholesome family around here!)