COVID-19, Social Distancing, & Deliveries

The COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the nation, so let’s talk about doors. They all look different, but they all have the same functions.  One function is to provide a protective barrier from whatever is on the other side.  Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about social distancing and self-quarantine.  Doors play a huge role in helping to keep COVID-19 from spreading.  However, as more businesses are sending employees to work from home, “business” doors are multiplying.  Supplies are needed, but everyone is spread out and it can be difficult to get everyone what is needed.  Office Peeps is here to help!  Starting this week, we are delivering straight to your door, no matter what it looks like!  This means that the employees working from home can get the supplies they need, where they need them!  Within our normal delivery routes, we have associates ready to drop off products at any address.  We can also ship orders to anywhere in the country.

If you have employees that need supplies, have them give us a call!  We do ask that people working from home either bill their products on their company’s account or provide a credit card number when ordering as our delivery drivers will not be able to collect payments.

Other COVID-19 Safety Precautions:

  • We are no longer collecting signatures when delivering product
  • Vehicles are wiped down with disinfectant regularly
  • Drivers have hand sanitizer with them when they cannot wash their hands
  • Deliveries to homes will be set outside the door
  • Drivers are reminded to wash thoroughly, not touch their face, and will only work if they are symptom free

We do, unfortunately, have products we are unable to order at this time due to high demand.  Hand Sanitizer, cleaning wipes and sanitizing sprays are delayed in our warehouses up to 8 weeks.  We apologize for this and are doing what we can to help provide the other products you need.

Moving Forward

No one is sure what the end of this ordeal is going to look like and that can be scary.  Our Peeps are here to ease some of that anxiety by continuing to provide the products and service you know and love.    As we begin to move into a new normal, Office Peeps stands ready to support local businesses by safely delivering product where you need it most.  If you have an order or question, please give us a call today.  You can also place an online order here.   From our door to yours, we work to keep you working.

Office Peeps is proud to support workers and businesses in South Dakota. We’re an office interior design and furniture consultancy. A company that provides, services, and maintains and even custom-builds office machines. A single source for workplace supplies, including janitorial and breakroom, school supplies, and scrapbooking supplies. We are located in various South Dakota cities including, Watertown, Brookings, Huron, and Madison. Call 800.658.3541 or like us on Facebook today.