Toshiba e-Studio Cleaning Guide

Toshiba e-STUDIO, A Guide for When Accidents Happen

Hi Peeps,

With all the social distancing, our service department asked me to share a basic cleaning guide for Toshiba copiers (the link is at the bottom of the post).  This guide will help provide some needed info on safe ways to clean your machine.  If you have any questions or have a bigger issue that needs attention, please give our Service Peeps a call!  (1.800.658.6541 or 605.886.6488).

Supplies You’ll Need:

  1. alcohol
  2. a soft fabric or microfiber cloth
  3. a lightly damp cloth/towel

Toshiba e-STUDIO MFPs are designed for use in the most demanding office environments.

Since Toshiba MFPs are shared by a multitude of users and touching the user interface and other parts of the device are common in normal use, Toshiba has developed the following guidelines for cleaning the exterior surfaces of Toshiba e-STUDIO MFPs:

  • Use a soft cloth and alcohol for disinfection.
  • Be sure to turn the power off before cleaning in order to avoid malfunction.
  • Do not directly spray alcohol on the MFP. Dampen a soft cloth and then gently wipe the MFP.
  • Areas recommended for cleaning:
    • Control panel (LCD, buttons, keys, etc.)
    • Platen cover or covers in the Document Feeder
    • Side guides in the Document Feeder
    • Jam access cover
    • Side guides in the bypass tray

Top Dos

  • Be sure to turn the power off before cleaning in order to avoid malfunction
  • Use a microfiber cleaning cloth or soft towels
  • Spray the cleaner onto the cleaning cloth/ towel and then wipe the surface to be cleaned
  • Clean with a cloth/towel that is damp but not soaked/dripping wet
  • Consult trained service personnel for cleaning of the interior of electronic equipment

Top Don’ts

  • Do not spray cleaners directly onto equipment
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners (powders) or abrasive cleaning materials (scrub brush, scouring pad, etc.)
  • Do not soak the electronic equipment with cleaning liquid
  • Never attempt to clean the following portions with alcohol: original glass, scanning area (surface of the long rectangular glass)

Stay safe, wash your hands and avoid unnecessary travel!



TABS Hardware Cleaning Guide 2020

COVID-19, Social Distancing, & Deliveries

Doors. They all look different, but they all have the same functions.  One function is to provide a protective barrier from whatever is on the other side.  Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about social distancing and self-quarantine.  Doors play a huge role in helping to keep COVID-19 from spreading.  However, as more businesses are sending employees to work from home, “business” doors are multiplying.  Supplies are needed, but everyone is spread out and it can be difficult to get everyone what is needed.  Office Peeps is here to help!  Starting this week, we are delivering straight to your door, no matter what it looks like!  This means that the employees working from home can get the supplies they need, where they need them!  Within our normal delivery routes, we have associates ready to drop off products at any address.  We can also ship orders to anywhere in the country.

If you have employees that need supplies, have them give us a call!  We do ask that people working from home either bill their products on their company’s account or provide a credit card number when ordering as our delivery drivers will not be able to collect payments.

Other Safety Precautions:

  • We are no longer collecting signatures when delivering product
  • Vehicles are wiped down with disinfectant regularly
  • Drivers have hand sanitizer with them when they cannot wash their hands
  • Deliveries to homes will be set outside the door
  • Drivers are reminded to wash thoroughly, not touch their face, and will only work if they are symptom free

We do, unfortunately, have products we are unable to order at this time due to high demand.  Hand Sanitizer, cleaning wipes and sanitizing sprays are delayed in our warehouses up to 8 weeks.  We apologize for this and are doing what we can to help provide the other products you need.

Moving Forward

No one is sure what the end of this ordeal is going to look like and that can be scary.  Our Peeps are here to ease some of that anxiety by continuing to provide the products and service you know and love.    As we begin to move into a new normal, Office Peeps stands ready to support local businesses by safely delivering product where you need it most.  If you have an order or question, please give us a call today.  You can also place an online order here.   From our door to yours, we work to keep you working.

Love, Puns and Office Supplies!

Hey, Peeps, Opie here.  Love is in the air, and around here there is nothing we love more than office supplies.  So, to get you ready for Valentine’s Day later this week, here is a list of our favorite Office Supply Love Puns.  Woo your love with these great lines. ????


For Glue Sticks/Glue:

You are the glue that holds me together!

I’m stuck on you!



Let’s stay together

We’re in a staple relationship

You hold us together

Love Puns Let's Stay Together Post It Notes


You’ve got the write stuff!

Draw me close to you

When I write the Alphabet, I make sure U & I are together.



You are the highlight of my life!

You brighten my day

Love Puns highlighter pun


You Rule!

You rule my world


Label Maker:

Are we ready for a label?


Three-Ring Binder:

Lemme put a ring on it



Remind me to say “I Love You”

Love Puns Reminder Note


I think we’re stuck on each other

I’m stuck on you!

Love Puns Tap Note


Leaving you does not compute



Adding up our memories

You’re Gr-8!


Rubber Bands:

We’re bound to be together!


Permanent Marker:

You’ve left a mark on my heart!

We know there are lots more great puns that combine love and office supplies, but our imaginations only can go so far while we’re also working.  That multi-tasking thing is hard!  Because we want to hear ALL THE PUNS, share your cheesy office supply puns on our Facebook page. (*Keep it clean, folks, we’re a wholesome family around here!)

Ice and Snow and Winter, Oh My!

Hey, Peeps!  Opie here with a topic that freezes the hearts of South Dakotans and Minnesotans to the depths of our souls. Winter.

Yep, we’re definitely in the middle of everyone’s favorite season.  Here in Watertown, we have an average of 16 inches of snow on the ground right now.  But we’ve gotten more than that and the season isn’t over yet.  In the workplace, a big part of winter safety is keeping walkways and parking lots clear of ice and snow.  Today, we cover ways to help your business keep itself ready to combat winter and minimize accidents caused by the cold temperatures.

Parking Lots and Sidewalks

Did you know that an estimated 25% of ice and snow related accidents happen in parking lots?  Our businesses are at the front lines of keeping people safe when they visit us.  Here at Office Peeps, each autumn before the snow starts flying, our president officially deputizes each employee as ‘Ice Melt Monitors’.  Each employee is asked to help keep the ice under control on our sidewalks and in our parking lot.  If we notice a slippery patch, we’re asked to act on it before someone gets hurt.

We’ve found that a great way to be proactive is to have a station by each door:

Winter shovel and ice clearing supplies


Our stations include a shovel, ice melt in an easy to access bucket and some sort of an ice melt shaker.  To further ramp up the safety, we also increase the number of mats in our entry way to help collect water, salt and dirt from shoes to decrease the possibility of slipping inside.

Other ways you can increase winter safety in your office are:

  • Allow employees flexibility in travel to and from work to ensure safe arrival
  • Back up all computer files in the event of a power outage
  • Encourage employees to wear safe shoes while outside
  • If possible, consider allowing employees to work from home during storms
  • Communicate to your employees if there are changes to the work schedule
  • Sanitize workstations regularly to avoid spreading illnesses


As always, Office Peeps provides the tools you need to keep your office winter ready.  So call today for ice melt, mats, and even computer back up solutions!  We work to keep you safe and winterized.

The 43 Folder System

Hey everybody!  Opie here!  The Christmas season has passed and we have moved into those blissful few days where no one knows what year it is.  Now to make New Year’s Resolutions!  Of course, we all know that keeping our resolutions is extremely difficult!  For example, my 2019 resolution of slimming down my rather round figure didn’t happen!  While we can’t help with your weight loss goals, Office Peeps has some fantastic ideas to keep your organization resolutions going strong.  Today, we’re starting with a simple way to keep your paperwork organized.

If I were to tell you that your working life can change with 43 folders and some determination, what would you say?  You’d probably say “Opie, is your bowtie on too tight?”  And yes, sometimes it is a little tight, I mean how else am I supposed to keep it on? It’s not like I have a neck!

But I’m serious!  It’s called a ‘tickler file’ or the ’43 Folder System’.  All over the globe, people use this system to help keep themselves organized.  In this post, I’ll share the basics with you, then set you loose to create your own system!

Basic Set Up

First, Gather 43 folders.  Hanging folders, manila folders, or even pocket folders will work, it’s your preference.  You will need to label 12 of these with the months and then date the remaining 31 with numbers, 1 – 31.  You’ll need to keep these in a visible place so checking your files is easy!  Our Marketing Peep, Melissa, uses this system to keep track of all the marketing stuff, like blog posts, flyers and email marketing.  Using a step file on her desk makes it easy to access.  However, if you don’t have room on your desk, a file drawer can work well too.  Some people have even put them in their planners!

What It Looks Like

Folder system image

I snapped this quick photo on Christmas Eve while we put the finishing touches on this post.  As you can see in the photo, the first file she keeps in front is today’s date.  The second file is the month. Using Brightly colored folders for the ‘Months’ help them stand out.  Behind the December folder are the rest of the days of the month, then the pink January folder.  After the January folder, the numbered folders begin at 1 to start the new month.

Melissa ends each day by moving the current day to the back to the numbered folders.  Taking the next day’s folder out and moving the contents to her To-Do list helps her prepare for what she needs to do the next day.  She leaves the current day in the front as a reminder of today’s date.  Sometimes, there are items that she has to reschedule, to do this, she removes it from her To-Do list and puts all the paperwork into the new date she expects to complete the task.

Melissa uses the ‘Month’ folders for tasks that need to happen in that particular month, but doesn’t have a specific date yet.  It’s also a great place to put tasks that are more than 30 days out.  Take a look at this photo to see what her January folder looks like currently.

Folder System Check

Everything that needs to be completed in January is placed in this folder.  Some are simply an index card with a reminder written on it and others are paperwork or a file that needs to be worked on.  Next week, she will shift all this into numbered folders to assign them more specific due dates.

Why this is helpful

This system keeps items and tasks easily within reach.  It’s also is a place to store items you will need to access in the future without filing them down into your permanent filing system.  Because of this storing information for that meeting next month becomes a breeze.  And when you schedule that fantastic vacation, you have an easy place to store flight itineraries, travel brochures and other documents you may need.

It takes practice to get into the habit of checking the folder system daily.  Melissa was taught this system almost 15 years ago and she’s kept up with a system similar ever since, adapting it to meet her needs at the time.  There are lots of great ways to adapt this to fit you perfectly.  So once you get the basics down, don’t be afraid to alter it to meet your needs!  To learn more about the 43-Folder system, check out this website!

The 12 Supplies of Christmas

Christmas Trees Greeting

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Welcome to December, Peeps!  The mad rush to Christmas has begun and now everyone is scrambling to finish shopping.  In my house, we still need to wrap presents, send out Christmas cards, mail presents to far away family members and do it all with the joy of Christmas in our hearts….  That sounds stressful, doesn’t it?

Well, this year, I have a secret weapon to keep me on track, organized, and well caffeinated: The 12 Supplies of Christmas list in our December flyer!


We have two tapes on our list… both are MAJOR necessities for Holiday prep.  First up is what our Territory Manager, Shawn Lenning, calls ‘Christmas Tape’.  You know the kind, a single roll of Scotch Magic Tape in a clear, convenient dispenser.  We’ve got them ready to go at $1.40 each.  Trust me, with all the wrapping presents that still needs to happen, I need about 20.

The other tape we have is our Duck Packing Tape, perfect for sealing those precious hand chosen gifts you are entrusting to the post man.  Or you could use it to seal up a huge box of glitter and send it to a friend….  Not that I would EVER do that!

Scissors & Sharpies

Why buy plain scissors when you can have hot pink and lace printed scissors!  Okay, those are the fun ones we chose to feature in the flyer, but really we sell just about any kind of scissors you need to get the job done.  From cutting open all the online shopping packages to cutting wrapping paper, you will definitely need a pair you can trust!

Permanent markers are a staple for any house or office, but they’re much more fun when they’re metallic silver.  Use these for marking gift tags, decorating ornaments or drawing spectacular eyebrows on your sleeping friends face!

Task Planners & Post-it Notes

We get it, you’re busy, especially during Christmas.  This handing planner will help you stay on task by organizing your thoughts and to-do lists together.  We bet you may even use it after planning Christmas and find yourself on the path to a fully organized life!

Does Jimmy have his Christmas concert on the 12th or the 21st and just how do you keep up with all the Secret Santa exchanges your family is a part of?!  Sticky notes.  Brightly colored sticky notes that scream “PAY ATTENTION!”  We’ve got you covered with these, and we can get them for you in just about any color of the rainbow.

Labels, Envelope Moistener & Mailers

Sending Christmas cards or newsletters requires you to have addresses, and it can be a headache writing them all out!  So why not make it easy on yourself and print your addresses on our fantastic Pres-a-ply labels.  You could even get fancy and add a little decoration to your labels, we won’t hold you back!

And after you put address those envelopes, do not lick them!  You’ll make yourself sick and then who is going to make the Christmas cookies?!  Use an envelope moistener instead and save yourself the tummy ache!

If you need to send something small that needs to still be protected bubble mailers are the perfect solution.  They come in several sizes and make shipping easy!

Label makers, Letter Slitters, and Coffee

Label makers are the best for a million reasons. For instance, my buddy Oscar (you might know him as our Service Know-It-All), likes to stick labels on things and ‘rename’ them…  the coffee maker in the Office Peeps break room became the “Liquid Life” machine the other day.  But there are plenty of real reasons to have one in your house or office.  Labeling files, organizing kitchen shelves, and keeping track of who gets each present purchased just gets a lot easier with one of these handy machines!

The second to last item on our list is letter slitters.  This is a must have item for all those Christmas cards you get in the mail, you popular person you!  Rather than getting paper cuts and tearing envelopes apart like the incredible Hulk, this handy little thing neatly slices open envelopes with little risk of injury.  They also come in a 3 pack!

The top item on our list is COFFEE!  The season shines a little brighter when I’ve got caffeine flowing through my system and I know I’m not the only one!  Whatever your flavor, roast or caffeine requirements are, we have a coffee for you!

Check out the rest of the flyer!

We have an epic flyer this month, and no, it’s not because it has my beautiful face on the front of it!  (well, I mean, I am a looker with my bow tie and all, but… erm…. sorry, back on track!)  This month we have many great gift ideas from a Ruby Red High Heel stapler to our best selling sit stand work station.

Check it out here.  Then once, you’ve finished off picking out those last minute gifts, give our customer support team a call to place an order.  We work to keep you in the Christmas spirit!

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Sign

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

It’s my favorite time of the year, Peeps.  Pumpkin pie, yummy turkey, friends and family gathered for a big meal, but you know what bothers me every year?  The fact that everyone seems to need to go shopping on Thanksgiving evening!  To be completely honest with you, I’m not a huge fan of the hype of Black Friday shopping.  I like to thoughtfully select each gift I give, and I really like to shop locally!  Small Business Saturday is the best day of this wild weekend of shopping.  There are so many great small businesses scattered throughout our area.  All of them are fantastic choices to find those perfect gifts for your loved ones.  Speaking of that, I really need to figure out what I’m getting Opal and Oscar for Christmas!  They’re always so tough to shop for!

Why Shop Small?

Many of our customers are small businesses that support the community they are located in and Office Peeps is the same.  We go to homecoming parades and home games.  Our kids attend the local schools.  We run into each other at the grocery store while shopping for our families.  And at the end of the day, we all want to see our communities thrive and grow.  When we support our local businesses, we are investing in our towns and are building a future for our kids.  We can help support our communities by shopping at our locally owned businesses and what better time to do this than on Small Business Saturday.

Ways to Support Your Local Small Businesses

Shop With Them!

Well, my pop, Opie Sr., always said “Put your money where your mouth is!”  Shopping at small businesses is the easiest way to show your support.  Now, we know you won’t find EVERYTHING you are looking for at small businesses, but you can find a lot more than you would think.  For instance, did you know that Office Peeps is an amazing place to find commercial Keurigs for those coffee people in your life.  We are a dealer for commercially made Keurigs designed to withstand the near constant use hardcore coffee drinkers with put them through.  If you buy one at a big box store, you are buying a ‘residential’ Keurig with plastic parts.  Now I have to tell you about our coffee selection… (hint: it’s heaven for the coffee lover!) Okay, maybe next time!

Brag About Them!

Local businesses don’t always have a lot of marketing dollars available.  We rely on our customers to spread the word about our awesome customer service or unique products!  Some local businesses, like Office Peeps, have been around for a long time and are well known, but many small businesses are still developing their customer base.  If you found a hidden gem down the block from you, post about it on Twitter or Instagram!  Tell your friends! Write a review on their website!  Follow them on Facebook and share their posts.  Small businesses love to hear that they are noticed by their customers.  Besides if someone as awesome as you like a local business, chances are, your friends will too!

Show Them Love!

In the craziness of life, we can forget to say ‘thank you’ to those that help us.  November is a great month to show your favorite businesses just how much you appreciate them!  Write a thank-you note to that barista that always seems to get your coffee just right.  Or share your favorite cookies with the plumber’s office that helped fix your sump pump last week.  Recognition and support can bolster any small business owner’s mood while letting them know that their life’s work is making a difference to others.  The world would be a pretty great place if we were to take a few minutes of every day to thank those that work to make our lives easier.


Consider shopping at locally owned businesses this Holiday season, Peeps.  Together we can make build up our communities and the businesses that have built them!

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

(Remember Office Peeps will be closed Thursday, November 28, and Friday, November 29 for our families to celebrate Thanksgiving).


Peeps Perks and More

Hey Peeps, Opie here!  On this round of Peep Squeaks, we’re going to talk about all the Peeps Perks that Office Peeps can provide that you might not know about!  Our name obviously points to ‘office’, and we like to use the phrase ‘whole office solution’; but what does that really mean???

Well, after polling our Customer Support team, there were some questions that our customers seemed to ask more frequently.  Many of them had to do with services we provide and types of products we can order. Let’s dive in and go over some of the hidden gems Office Peeps can provide your business! We like to call these Peeps Perks.


We make all sorts of custom stamps and many of them can be made in-house! Using a Brother stamp maker, several of our employees are trained to make stamps.  These are generally addressed stamps, notary stamps, and stamps without any logos or designs.  If you need to order signature stamps, specialized dater stamps, or custom stamps with logos, we have those available too through an outside stamp maker. You name it, we can probably order it on a stamp!

Think Outside The Cubicle

We don’t just sell office supplies like paper clips and sticky notes. In the pages of our catalog, you’ll see cleaning supplies, breakroom snacks, bathroom paper towels and toilet paper.  We can even order customized mats with logos on them.  As a member of ISG (Independent Stationers Group), we have access to a network of warehouses that allow us to bring in just about anything if it is related to ‘office’ even in the smallest way.  You can order everything you need to keep your office running smoothly from Office Peeps!

Machine Repair

Our service techs are crazy amazing with fixing machines of any kind.  They’ve even sometimes been known to make their own tools if they can’t find just the right thing to fix a problem. It’s always an adventure to wander through the Service Department, you never know what you are going to see, but it’s certainly always interesting!  It doesn’t matter if it is old typewriters, modern copiers, Keurig machines and even the odd Kitchen-aid mixer.  No machine can withstand the agile and steady hands of our techs.  Our techs are all well trained to handle the toughest of challenges, but with a combined 129 years of experience, you know they’re the best ones for the job!


Speaking of our Service department, did you know they also build computers and are able to fix many problems that occur with computer hardware, viruses, or even software not working correctly. If you need assistance with your computer, give Steven a call and let him help you out.  Golly, those service techs really are MVP’s at Office Peeps!


Did you know that we have a scrapbooking section in three of our four stores! (Madison currently does not have a scrapbooking section). Our President’s mother, Judy Vockrodt, recognized the importance of having quality scrapbooking supplies available to crafters. So, we offer a wide range of products such as paper, scrapbook binders, stickers and washi tape from specialty brands you won’t find at those big box shaped mega stores.  Also, if you are looking for a specialty paper or colored envelopes, we can place special orders. These Peeps Perks values are unbeatable.


Our staff is filled with experts! Need to know the differences between all the different pens we carry?  Why not check with Melissa; the word ‘obsession’ doesn’t cover her love of pens.  If you have a question about what might look best in your space, Katie in our furniture department has a degree in interior design!  And who you gonna call when your chair doesn’t fit right? Stan is your guy!  Do paper weights cause confusion and head scratching when determining what will work in your copier?  Rob has you covered.  We’ve even got a guy that we call “Zach of All Trades”, yep, we put it on his business card.

My point is, if you aren’t sure who to turn to with questions about anything in your office, why not start with us.  Chances are, we have an expert for that and if we don’t we will do the research and get an answer for you. That’s what you get with Peeps Perks.

It’s our goal to offer our customers the reassurance that Office Peeps has got their backs when it comes to major design renovations, work-screeching-to-a-halt copier issues, and even those small orders that you need tomorrow (or sometimes this afternoon)!  We work to keep you working.

Introductions from the Peep-In-Chief, Opie

Hey everybody!  I’m Opie, your friendly local office supply specialist!  You might recognize my face from the Office Peeps vehicles or the invoices. I hate to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty famous around here.  What you might not know is that I’m not just a handsome face, and I decided it’s time to share my wisdom and knowledge with the world.

Let’s get Started!

So welcome to my blog, Peep Squeaks. I chose the name Peep Squeaks because it sounds a bit like pipsqueaks. We might be a small company, a ‘pipsqueak’ compared to those big box stores, but we’ve got it where it counts.  You can see the difference in our experience, knowledge, and customer care.  We know that, sometimes, it can be hard to explain something over the phone when you just need to see it.  Maybe you need to find a new way to organize your desk to be more productive.  Perhaps you haven’t found the best pen for you yet. We’ll cover these topics and more with this blog.

What You’ll Find

Together with the help of some of my top-notch Peeps employees, I am going to offer how-to guides, references, and even instructional videos.  Articles ranging from filing systems to introducing new products.  We will also have videos that help walk you through changing toners or adjusting your chair are just the beginning.  We want to create a little ‘reference library’ for office products for you to access.  Remember to keep an eye out for your favorite Peeps in videos, articles, and photos throughout the blog.  I will add this small warning: in the planning process, I’ve been coining the phrase “low-quality filming, top-notch advice!” for this project… So forgive our camera work, sadly none of us went to film school.

I’m looking forward to sharing this blog with you!  Make sure you are following us on Facebook and Twitter for notifications on when new blog posts hit the website. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for first looks at our monthly flyers, exclusive deals, and maybe a few surprises!

How You Can Help

We want to provide content that is going to help our customers, and we want your opinions!  If you have any ideas on products we can feature, supply mysteries we can solve, or a step by step video we can make, please email Melissa at  She has our ongoing list of blog and video ideas and she’s excited to see what you are interested in!

Office Peeps is proud to support workers and businesses in South Dakota. We’re an office interior design and furniture consultancy. A company that provides, services, and maintains and even custom-builds office machines. A single source for workplace supplies, including janitorial and breakroom, school supplies, and scrapbooking supplies. We are located in various South Dakota cities including, Watertown, Brookings, Huron, and Madison. Call 800.658.3541. You can also find us on Facebook so you can join our community of office peeps!